It is my pleasure to provide this endorsement of Greg Mackie OAM, a man I have known both professionally and socially for close to 20 years.

Throughout that time Greg has shown himself to be a person of steadfast integrity- always open to consider all points of view but willing to stand his ground on matters of principle, even if at some personal cost.

Greg cares passionately about this state and, particularly, the City of Adelaide. The diversity of his background makes him especially well-equipped to take on the role of Councillor for the Central Ward. From running “Imprints” books to serving in a wide range of roles in the public sector to developing Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas, Greg has demonstrated the necessary intellectual depth and administrative capacity to perform at the highest level. And having a small business background he understands the wheels that need to turn to create a vibrant, evolving, but always liveable, city.

Although possibly best known for his work in arts administration, Greg’s CV demonstrates great depth and an ability to manage, as well as to communicate, sometimes complex situations and ideas. He has a track record which evidences a capacity to follow through and get things done. He is a great communicator and, possibly a necessary precursor to that, also a great listener.

I am absolutely confident that, should Greg be successful in this election, he will devote his considerable talents at all times for the betterment of the City of Adelaide and all those who live in, work in or visit the city.

Isobel Redmond
Former Liberal Leader of the Opposition
Parliament of South Australia

April 2020